Scared to sew? Dive IN!

For many, many years I did not sew. I come from long lines of sewing ancestry. Where everyone on one side of my family sewed, Mother, Uncle, Grandmother, Grandfather, and Great Grandmother, everyone sewed in some form or fashion. I learned the very basics before I was 10 and was given my first sewing machine (Black Beauty herself, my Singer 99K). But years went by that I didn't sew. Then the internet, FaceBook and YOUTUBE! I inherited a serger which frustrated me at first but after a video, blog tutorial and skimming the manual I learned the basics pretty quick. I then moved onto sewing knits, again video, blog, and pdf patterns with tutorials. Then I saw someone looking for pattern testers, that is where I had to dive in. I signed up thinking I wouldn't get picked, but I did. So I sewed and I ended up trying things I normally wouldn't try on my own. Now I apply all the time. This last test really pushed my capabilities and expanded them! 

The Puffin Vest by Gracious Threads. It is a woven with a zipper, lined, detachable hood, and is completely reversible! Now I mostly sew knits, and this took me out of my comfort zone. Not only did it have me basting and quilting the fabric to make the pattern pieces (although you could just buy quilted material to use) but it also had me attaching a collar piece. With knits you just stretch and sew it always fits perfect. Low and behold though the pattern went together like a breeze, everything fit perfect like a puzzle! Then the zipper, burrito method. I had used this method not too long ago for hiding a seam on some undies. Using the burrito method on the vest was very well described, but hard to wrap my head around. Jessica from Gracious Threads to the RESCUE! She made a video tutorial! It is worth the few minutes to watch because this method means the vest can be fully reversible!.

The Puffin Vest is classified as an Intermediate/Advanced Pattern; I never would have attempted reading that. But I should have! And so should you! Start with beginners and work your way up. Ash Katchem didn't succeed at catching Pokemon's by not trying. Don't let your own thoughts and definitions of a word like "advanced" stop you from trying. Dive in, face the challenge head on! It is the only way to learn and grow and become a PokeMaster! or um a Sewing Master ;)

**Please note this is an affiliate link, but I only share it with you because I actually really like the pattern and plan on sewing it year, after year for my boys.


KBSD Saleabration! My fav the Sporty Muscle Tank Pattern

KBStitchDesigns (KBSD) is one of my all time favourite designers! Go ahead call me a fan girl, I test as many of the wonderful Designer's pdf patterns as I can, because they are awesome! Her tutorials are very thorough and through testing I have tried patterns I would never dream I am capable of, and finished them successfully. The key to this is the Designer herself, she is there to help if you get stuck and offer tips and tricks, even if you aren't testing, so make sure you join the KBSD FaceBook fan page. So, today I would like to say a very HAPPY BUSINESS BIRTHDAY to KBStitchDesigns! 

My love affair with KBSD started just under a year ago when I discovered online pdf sewing patterns. Due to my son's frequent eczema during the cold, dry Canadian winters, I needed clothing that would let his skin breath, and I had some awesome Super Hero woven cotton fabric. Someone recommended KBSD's Sporty Muscle Tank. I tried it and LOVED it. I quickly decided we needed MORE!  


Time after time, I have come back to this pattern. It is easier to find awesome cotton woven prints for affordable prices in Canada than knits. Lets face it, Canada's selection of kid friendly knits is very lacking, -but slowly growing. This pattern is perfect to use the cotton woven's in a way that any little boy will love. 


It is also one of the only patterns to date that I have successfully altered slightly to change the look a bit. The tank option is perfect for my sons gymnastics attire and is the most complimented and asked about articles of clothing in my son's wardrobe. People are often in disbelief that I made these shirts, especially when I've given it the professional finish of a twin needle topstitch.


The biggest compliment of all, it is the only pattern I have made for either of my kids that my hubby hasn't thought was pyjamas. For now I am going to reconstrue this to mean that he wants a Daddy sized one ;)

Make sure you check out for more patterns, and the Birthday Blog Tour to participate in the giveaway. Check back here too, there will likely be more KBSD patterns reviewed in the near future. For now, I've got a new Sporty Muscle tank with added sleeves and a heart pocket with some matching pants to make for Mr.E's Valentine's party ;)